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Jun 2
Hey “guts,” Summer of Megadeth here, wondering: Any new Music Videos we should be aware of? Tell us in the comments!


You know, we’ve tried to mine the #cracker tag before but it’s all pictures of fucking crackers

White people, am I right?

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Apr 25
Summer of Megadeth is really sorry about all those times that we were totally racist against white people now that we have read that HVAC Klub article we have really seen the error of our ways and in no way will we hold back the white race from being the greatest bunch of honkies it can be from now on



Sarah KliffThe modern movement largely came into being to defend Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court case legalizing abortion.

Karen Jean LopezEncouraging signs for life. 

Andrew SullivanAmericans seem more attuned the to gravity of the moral question here.

Karlyn Bowman: [S]ubstantial numbers tell the pollsters that abortion is an act of murder. On the other, they say that the decision to have an abortion should be a personal choice. Those two views are fundamentally contradictory[.]

Matt thinks I’m going to reglog this and copypasta something ridiculous in Andrew Sullivan’s place

Just admit that you’re against Andrew Sullivan because he’s white.

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May 23
The following things written about that gallup poll about Americans identifying as pro-life more regularly are wrong

What then? 

Jul 7
But what if a lady directed a superhero movie?
Aug 14
When you think of it, isn’t the name “Tiger Beatdown” deserving of a trigger warning in and of itself?