Summer of Megadeth+1

Brian Van just fake-raped this one out of the park, folks.



both doug stanhope and louis C.K. take to twitter to defend/encourage (the former) and give support to (the latter) daniel tosh over his telling an audience member it would be funny if she were gang raped by 5 other audience members after she called him out and said rape jokes are never funny.

i’d imagine comedy central will drop tosh.0 if this story has one more day of legs in the press. but at least with tosh this isn’t surprising. pretty bummed about stanhope and louis weighing in on the wrong side of this.

Um hi, cultural history void! You’re forgetting that half an episode of Louie is about an incident where Louis C.K. says some fairly nasty things to a disrespectful woman in the audience. She confronts him directly afterward and his reasoning for being nasty with her makes a lot of sense, even if one would not encourage nastiness (or, worse, following through on any verbally suggested violence).

Meanwhile, the accuser here is, of course, anonymous. She provoked him on a topical manner in a forum where it was rude to do so, and he said something rude in-kind. It was also rude to victims of sexual assault (and that’s particularly unkind), so to that extent it should not have been said. But he should have just said instead, “I hope you get crotchworms, you moron.” (Not really, there is probably some crotchworm advocacy group on the Internet who will get outraged and will put an end to all comedy at once if their cause is belittled, even obliquely. Better to just go up there with a set of knock knock jokes.)

BV;DR - I can agree that some lines have been crossed here, but please everyone put their mob justice demands on hold until you are no longer in the out-of-context zone, which will be never because you refuse to do your homework.

Jul 11