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Un-quit for the rest of the day.
Jul 11

Un-quit for the rest of the day.



“Black people don’t give a fuck about that! They’re too busy trying to scrounge up enough money to pay for their kids’ potential tuition at the prep school these motherfuckers went to”

Dog, dog, dog, DOG! You can’t decry people for “lazy fucking thinking” and then IMMEDIATELY go into assuming that all black people in America are like Precious characters just trying to get by on EBT cards and dice games in the motherfucking hood. That you believe there are not very smart, very talented, very wealthy black people graduating from Ivy League schools and working in VC firms who aren’t a bit peeved they’re not ever asked to speak on panels like this is A MAJOR PART OF THE FUCKING PROBLEM WITH RACIAL DISCUSSIONS IN AMERICA. FEEL MEEEEEEEEEE??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Uhhh 1. This misquotes me entirely and 2. Makes no logical sense.

This is also what’s wrong with tech: you are apparently successful in life if you get to speak on a panel where 80% the people in the audience are checking their email the whole time, but if you’re a rich person with an important job otherwise, but you don’t get to come to the big boy parties, you’re a loser. Dude, FUCK THAT.  Their panel can get swallowed into the earth for all I care. 

Also, we hear Brian Van totally has black friends.

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Everybody loses, with this here blog post.
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Everybody loses, with this here blog post.